Bondage Escape Challenge

Tied to the bed

Last winter, I had an incredible bondage weekend at a friend’s house. I was planning on driving back home early Monday morning, but when we went to bed on Sunday night we had no idea a major snowstorm was going to mix things up. When we got up at 6:00am to get my things ready for my drive home, we discovered over a foot of snow on the ground. Can you say: Snow Day!

During breakfast that morning, my friend dared me to let him tie me up to the bed for an escape challenge. He had 10 minutes to tie me up, and if I could escape within an hour he would let me tie him up any way I wanted for the entire afternoon. If I couldn’t escape in one hour, he could do what ever he wanted to me for the rest of the day.

Of course, I said yes and by 7:00am I was suited up and stretched out in a tight spread eagle on his bed. It may look like a simple tie, but because of the rope technique he used, the knots were several feet out of my reach and I didn’t have a chance. After an hour had went by, I was still tied up and my friend had won the bet.

Without skipping a beat, he put a rope harness on me and attached a vibrator over my crotch. For the next two hours, he would take short breaks from his work and come into the bedroom to turn the vibrator on and off. He left it on for the last 45 minutes entirely!

After releasing me from the spread eagle, my friend let me take a quick shower to clean up. It was already around noon, so we also had a quick lunch together.

When lunch was over, he reminded me that because I had lost the bet I still had to do what ever he wanted for the remainder of the day. He had to work from home the rest of the day, but explained that was no reason to stop the bondage fun we had already planned.

He had me dress in another skin tight PVC catsuit, and proceeded to tie me in yet another spread eagle on his bed. I don’t know if this is what my friend had intended, but I was so relaxed in this bondage position that I drifted in and out of sleep. Of course, every so often he would come into the room and stimulate me just enough for me wake up and get excited about the situation I was in.

Shortly after the last picture was taken, my friend returned one last time and played with my helpless body for at least another hour. I was so exhausted after being in bondage for most of the day, that I had no energy left to resist the torture that followed.

This was one of my favorite bondage adventures so far.