Tied up, Strapped Down, Locked In

This picture was the inspiration for the most recent incarnation of this bondage site/blog.  It’s my favorite picture ever taken of me in bondage, and gets me turned on every time I look at it and remember this scene!

Before tying me down this time, my captor suited me up, strapped a blindfold on me, and put my iPod headphones on. He then surprised me with this helmet.  He had modified it, so that once it was strapped on it could be locked on with small padlocks.

After stretching me out in a tight and inescapable spread eagle position, he started tormenting me in a scene that lasted a couple of hours.  I couldn’t see or hear anything other than the Trance music playing on the iPod.  The only sense I had was touch, which led to an amazing experience. You can tell how much I enjoyed this session!