Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?

Catsuit bondage

Oh yeah.  Because I love it!

This is actually a video capture from a bondage movie I made with some friends last year.  In the movie, I played a spy on a secret mission to bring down a corrupt government contractor.  Of course, I was captured and placed in a variety of stringent and inescapable bondage positions.

My captors used every technique in the erotic torture handbook to get me to talk.  Besides what you see here, I was tied into a painfully tight hogtie, strapped to a post, and suspended by my ankles while wearing a strait jacket.  In each bondage position, I was tormented with vibrators to the point of orgasm but was never allowed to climax.  I never did divulge my secrets, and my captors finally gave up and left me strapped to a bondage chair with a vibrator running on high speed.

It really was a grand adventure!  🙂

captured spy