Hoods & Chains & Mitts, Oh My…

This was my first bondage encounter where I was tied up and toyed with by two tops at the same time!

I had wanted to work with this one bondage rigger for a long time, and when we finally hooked up through a mutual friend I told him of my fantasy to be worked over by two guys at the same time.  He sort of smiled, and told me to show up at his house the next day wearing a cat suit under my street clothes.

When I showed up, he had me disrobe as soon as I got there and immediately strapped some bondage mitts onto my hands.  As soon as he had them strapped on, he knelt down and locked thick leather restraints to each ankle.  I instantly knew I couldn’t remove any of them without someone else’s help.  It was a rush to realize that I was in a virtual stranger’s house clothed only in a skin tight bodysuit, with restraints locked onto my wrists and hands that severely reduced my ability to defend myself.

We sat in his living room for a short wile, and chatted about some of our past bondage experiences.  After a few minutes, he asked if I wanted to get started.  I jumped from my chair and followed him into his bedroom.  When I walked into his bedroom, I have to admit that I was a little distracted by the rest of the leather and chain restraints laying on his bed.  All of the sudden, another man jumped on me from around a corner in his room and together they tackled me onto the king-size bed dominating the scene.  They proceeded to stretch my arms to the top corners of the bed, and locked the bondage mitts strapped onto my hands to chains already attached to the frame.  Once they had my wrists restrained, they immediately went to work on my legs.  They moved to the end of the bed, and with each man grabbing a leg they pulled me into a really tight and wide spread eagle position.  Using chains anchored to each corner of the foot of the bed, they pulled and tugged until I was stretched out tight enough to lock the chains to the leather ankle restraints previously attached to me.  In less than a minute, I was done for and all three of us knew it!  I tried to struggle as much as I could, but this was one of the tightest spread eagles I have ever been tied in.  I was helpless, and eventually settled in for what ever pleasure these gentlemen intended to give me.

They “convinced” me to let them lace a leather hood on me through a variety of techniques I will leave to your imagination.  OK.  You won’t have to use that much imagination, as you can clearly see by the rest of these pictures how I was persuaded to be hooded and gagged.  Truth be told, it wasn’t a hard sell to be forced to do that.  I love to be hooded and gagged, but don’t tell anyone.

What I will leave to your imagination is what happened after these gentlemen put down the camera and focused 100% of their attention on my helpless body. It was three hours of bondage fun that I will never forget!