Breaking in a New Bodysuit

Not too long ago, I spent a full bondage weekend tied up at a friend’s house in Cleveland.  These images are from the first bondage scene we did that weekend, not more than 30 minutes after I arrived from Minneapolis.  It was also the first time wearing and being tied up in this bodysuit.  It was another custom-fit suit I ordered just for this trip!  As you can see, the fit is absolutely skin tight.

The suit also came with a matching hood that only had holes for breathing, cutting off all site and muffling any sounds I could make (the tape gag helped, too).  Throw in an iPod piping loud Trance music into my ears, and I the only sense I had left was touch.  Sensory deprivation is one of my kinks, and it is something my captor used to his advantage in this bondage scene!

Catsuit bondage Tied to the bed in a catsuit