Tied to the Bed

Tied to the bed

My friend wanted to try something a bit different.  Something where I was still inescapably tied up, but had a bit more movement than usual.  This was the result.

Initially, I thought this bondage position would be an easier tie than the previous spread eagle.  However, because of the way my legs were tied I quickly experienced discomfort in my hips if I just relaxed.  I had to use my abdominal muscles to hold my legs up, and after thirty minutes my lower body was quivering like a piano string.

I only lasted 45 minutes before asking the top to release my legs.  Of course, he still wasn’t finished with me yet and re-tied my legs back to the corners of the bed in a very tight spread eagle.  I was in heaven again!

And then the vibrators came out…

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Tied to the bed