Escape Artist

Spandex Escape Artist

I’m a leather bondage kind of guy, but every once in a while some rope bondage can be kind of fun.  I like things to be tight and inescapable (I’m a struggler), and have been able to escape from almost every rope tie I have been in.  Perhaps my true calling was to be an escape artist? Or maybe it’s just because I haven’t been tied up by a true rope expert yet.

There WAS this one guy back in Minneapolis who knew a thing or two about rope, I guess. But that’s about the best experience I have had. Maybe I should set up some rope challenges down here In Los Angeles.  I’ll dress up in my tightest bodysuit, and if you are able to tie me up with nothing more than rope and I can’t escape you can throw me in the back of your truck and I’m yours for the rest of the evening.  We could do this in the commons area of my apartment complex, next to the pool!  Just kidding for you guys who may have already found me on GPS…

Anyway, I love these two images.  Especially the first one.  This catsuit is perfect, too.  Nice and tight!  I could totally escape from this.  Anyone want to take me up on that bet?

Spandex Escape Artist Spandex Escape Artist