Roommate Comes Home Early

Lycra catsuit bondage

The guy who tied me up in this spread eagle had a roommate at the time, who didn’t know bondage activities were being hosted at their apartment.  Of course, after my friend had me tied up and tortured my stretched out body for twenty minutes, his roommate came home unexpectedly.

My friend didn’t want his roommate to find out, so he told me to stop struggling and be very quiet.  I waited around tied up like this for over an hour as my friend and his roommate talked casually in the living room and kitchen right outside his bedroom.

Every once in a while, my friend would sneak into the bedroom and massage my Lycra covered body just enough to make me very excited and frustrated.  And I couldn’t do anything about it, without drawing the attention of the roommate.  Being tied up is one thing.  Being tied up and not allowed to struggle as someone is rubbing their hands all over you is something completely different!  I loved it.

A note about the Lycra bodysuit I am wearing here: This was the first bodysuit I ever bought to use exclusively for bondage play.  I was in college and couldn’t afford pricier bodysuits or catsuits, like the ones I own now, so I hit up the local SCUBA shops.  There, I discovered Lycra dive skins.  These are perfect bodysuits/catsuits when you are on a budget.  I also think divers and surfers buy these outfits just so they have an excuse to wear skin tight catsuits out in public.  Kind of like what I do now when I walk around the Huntington Pier wearing my new, tighter than necessary, rubberized wetsuits! Is there any other reason to own something like this?

Lycra Catsuit Bondage Lycra Catsuit Bondage