When It Has to Fit Like a Glove

Superhero costume

Now that my little blog is starting to pick up steam, I am beginning to get a lot of feedback and questions from everyone.  One of the most popular questions I receive, is where do I get all of the tight Spandex bodysuits I wear in these images?  Well, I’ll tell you.

A number of years ago, I discovered this internet costume company called SpandexWear.com.  They do a variety of stock Lycra and PVC costumes, from full body catsuits to leotards and everything in between.  Their work is top quality!  To get the perfect fit, I have ordered three custom-fit suits from them already.

When ordering a custom suit, the amount of measurements they ask for is pretty intense.  But as you can see in my images, the fit is absolutely perfect!  The bodysuits you get from SpandexWear last longer than the other guys, too.  My black PVC suit is almost eight years old, and it is still in fantastic shape.  If you are in the market for a high-quality Spandex or PVC bodysuit that needs to fit like a glove, I highly recommend looking here first!  I’m already saving up for a new Spiderman suit.

They also have a small section on their site with images sent in from their customers.  I love the PVC Superman costume.  I want one!  I know from experience that they are already getting swamped with Halloween orders, so if you are thinking about a new catsuit for the party you should think about ordering soon.