Just Let me Tie You to the Chair

Superman bondage

When I came across this superhero bondage picture, the first thing I thought of was a kinky game played in the dorms between two college room mates.

Their first night together, one room mate stumbled across the other’s Lycra Superman costume.  He asked his room mate what it was for, and the room mate explained that it was a Halloween costume from the previous year.  He then dared his room mate to try it on.

Not wanting to be showed up on their first night of what could be a long year together, he grabbed the suit and went to the bathroom to put it on.  He walked out of the bathroom visibly excited by the tight Lycra, only to notice a pile of rope laying on a chair.

“What’s the rope for?”, he asked.

“How about a little game.  Let me tie you up in that Superman costume.  If you can escape, I’ll do your laundry for a week.  If you can’t escape, I get to tie you up to the bed with as much rope as I want, and have some fun.”

Not wanting to show any fear, he said “OK” and sat down on the chair.  “Do your best.”

It was the beginning of a fun year of increasingly more complex superhero bondage games.

-At least that’s how the fantasy goes in my head…

Superman bondage