Never Bet Against the Mob

Spandex Bed Bondage

I love the shoes in this picture.  The guy who used to tie me up a lot back in Minneapolis had a foot fetish, and liked to have me wear different styles of shoes.  We went though a boot phase, a sock phase, and obviously a tennis shoe phase.

Any time I see pictures of guys tied up in Spandex and wearing athletic shoes, I have this fantasy that they are athletes kidnapped right off the street when they were working out.  Why else would they be wearing Spandex and tennis shoes, right?

Perhaps the rival team didn’t want the other team’s star player available that day.  Or better yet, the mob had a hefty bet on the other team and called in their friends to make sure things went their way.  Yeah, that’s it!  That’s exactly what’s going on in this picture!

I’m so weird…

Tied to a bed in a Spandex catsuit