The Rest of the Story

Wetsuit Spreadeagle

This Album is the finale to a three part bondage adventure I had while living back in Minnesota.

So, the other day I showed you some pictures of me tied to the bed while my captor’s room mate came home.  Right?  And previously, I posted an Album of me tied up in a hogtie wearing this same Lycra dive skin.  With me so far?  Good.  🙂  All of these images were actually taken on a single day of bondage.

This set is the third scene we played out that day (after the room mate left, of course).  I wanted to do a standing spread eagle, and the only option we had was the utility room in the basement.  I guess he wasn’t ready for hooks bolted into his ceiling just yet.  Although the utility room was quite small, I think the ambience adds a certain feel to this scene that works.  When you just get into the kidnapping game, and you have your first Lycra suited victim knocked out and ready to get tied up, that’s when it always dons on you that you forgot to retrofit that third bedroom into a dungeon.  It happens all the time, guys.  Oh well, string him up from the floor joists.  That works!

Here are the rest of the images…