Spandex Skate Suit

Spandex Skate Suit

Here is another fine example of a kidnapped athlete in bondage, waiting for a ransom demand.  This time you have a speed skater who looks like he was captured right off the ice rink.

You can imagine him struggling as his captors threw him in the back of a van, and hogtied him for the long drive back to this seedy motel room.  Once there, they tied him up to a chair, and told him of their plans to extort money from his family.  He heard them call someone and explain the ransom demands.  What scared him the most was what they were planning to do to him if they didn’t get their money within the next three hours.

He knew the video they were threatening to make would bring in more money than the ransom they were asking for.  I mean, who wouldn’t pay to watch a famous athlete tied up in a tight spread eagle on a bed in his equally famous tight uniform, and put through hours of erotic torment until he begged to cum.

He was seriously considering firing his security firm, once he escaped from this kinky bondage ordeal.

Skater Bondage