Spiderman Gagged and Bound

Spiderman in bondage

Spiderman seems to have gotten himself tied up into another sinister bondage situation.  Bound in a web or rope, and ball gagged to silence his screams from the torment you know is coming.

The theme of spandex bondage is prevalent in the world of comic books, right.  But where are all the ball gags?  I want to see Spiderman tied up and gagged like this on a 40-foot screen!  Toby would look good like this, and I’m pretty sure it would sell a few more seats…

But I wonder if he would ever go for the crotch rope?  Maybe they should spring that on him right before the cameras started to roll.  That would be a good way to catch his natural reaction, right?

Spiderman Bondage Spiderman Bondage Spiderman Bondage Spiderman Bondage