College Room Mate

Believe it or not, I actually did have a college room mate who was into bondage.  However, we didn’t find out we had a mutual kink until the last semester in college.  The full story of how he discovered my Spandex bondage hobby will remain for another time, but just be careful what you put on your computer if you allow others to use it.

I spent the better part of three months tied up that year.    My room mate liked bondage, but wasn’t gay.  He showed a clear interest in tying me up, that’s for sure.  But at first he wasn’t too sure what to do with me once he had me bound.  Sometimes, he would just tie me up and let me struggle for a while as he watched.  Other times, he would spread eagle me on my bed and rub his hands all over my Lycra suit for an hour or so.  I had fun every time!

This image was from one of the last times he tied me up, during his vibrator phase.  🙂  Unfortunately, he took a job in Chicago right after college and we never did get together again for more bondage adventures.

Tied up in College