Chained to the Bed

Here are some pictures from my most recent bondage adventure.  It was the first time playing with a new rigger, and when I arrived at his house I was already wearing my tight black PVC catsuit (one of the things I like to do when meeting bondage riggers for the first time).  We sat and chatted for only a few minutes, before he suggested we move to his bedroom so he could tie me up.

As he was chaining me to his bed, his room mate came home and walked in on us.  Apparently it wasn’t the first time he had come home to such a scene, as he acted like it was the most normal thing in the world to come home and see a man in a tight catsuit being chained to his room mate’s bed.  Unfortunately, he was running late and didn’t have time to help his room mate out.  What a wasted opportunity.

The quality of the bondage and photography in this set aren’t up to my usual standards, but this guy is just starting out and can’t yet afford all of the fancy bondage gear and camera equipment some of us already have.  And since I was tied to the bed, I couldn’t really wasn’t in any position to give him camera tips.  Still, I had a lot of fun and will definitely go back for more.  What you don’t see in this set is what happened when he had me dress in my Spandex catsuit with the crotch zipper, and tied me in another tight spread eagle.  I’m not usually a fan of e-stim, but what he did to me over the course of those 90 minutes could change that forever…