Tied Feet Guy

Spiderman Hogtie

One of the nice things about running a bondage blog of your own, is that it’s a great opportunity to expand your circle of kinky friends.  I get several emails and links a day from guys who just want to share other bondage blogs, or even images of themselves tied up in their wetsuits or Lycra catsuits.  Bondage guys rock!

Just this morning, I found a nice email in my inbox from the guy who runs TiedFeetGuy.  This site is another gem I did not know existed until now.  He’s got some great Spandex and superhero bondage images on his blog.  And apparently he’s just discovered this whole superhero in bondage thing, so I’m willing to bet he’s going to post many more pictures of himself tied up in his Spiderman and Robin costumes.  Can’t wait!

Much like SoccerBondage, I had never heard of TiedFeetGuy until someone let me know about it.  If you guys know of any other kinky sites or bondage blogs out there that cater to Spandex, superhero, or wetsuit bondage, please let me now.

Here is a sample of the images you can find on this guy’s site.  Do yourself a favor, and check it out now.  Tell him Trapper sent you, and that he and I need to schedule a day of Spandex and superhero bondage together! 🙂

Superheroe in bondage Superheroe in bondage Superheroe in bondage Superheroe in bondage Superheroe in bondage