Bound in Zentai

Zentai bondage

Another day, another bondage blog!  This time, it’s a bondage blog from a guy who finds himself in all kinds of kinky trouble while wearing his skin tight bodysuits.  And yes.  He does Spiderman bondage better than most of them.

I’ve seen Norton’s zentai images all over the Web for the past couple of years, but have only known about his Zentai Bondage Blog for just a few weeks.

I love his tastes towards rope bondage, and have to say that he looks pretty damn good tied up in all those rope harnesses.  Especially when he is tied up with those crotch ropes he wears so well.  Not sure who his bondage rigger is, but I want to give him a try.

If you like Spandex bondage (why else would you be here, right?), go check out his Zentai Bondage Blog right now.  I can’t wait for more updates!  If we ask nicely, maybe he’ll do some more superhero bondage sets for us?

Here are some samples of what to expect on his site.

Zentai bondage Zentai bondage Zentai bondage