Paying the Rent

Paying the Rent

My first night in Los Angeles doesn’t go quite as planned.  After enjoying a few glasses of wine with my new landlord, I wake up bound and gagged wearing a skin tight Spandex catsuit with my arms locked behind my back in a bizarre leather bondage harness.  Check out my new video section to see how this bondage adventure turned out…

After watching me struggle for a while, my landlord informs me he has modified the terms of the lease.  Either I have to submit to weekly bondage sessions, or he is going to triple my rent.  Being new in town with no friends or family to fall back on, I had no choice but to submit to his kinky plans.

I am then lead to a hidden play room in the basement, where I permit my landlord to chain me to the floor and ceiling in a standing spread eagle.  As he begins to rub his hands over my stretched out body, I realize this is only the beginning of weekly Spandex and rubber bondage adventures that would continue until I could afford to move out.

But will I want to move out?

Stay tuned for more…


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