Tied Up In a Leotard

Tied up in a leotard

I think this is a pretty sexy rope bondage picture!  I love the rope work, especially the web going through the crotch.

I’ve been tied up like this several times (of course, with my arms similarly roped together behind my back), and find it a huge turn on when ever a crotch rope is used.  Most of the time, I have the ropes tying my wrists behind my back attached to the crotch ropes.  This has the effect of transferring all of my struggles directly to my sensitive crotch and but area.  Wow!

I also love the leotard/tights look in this picture.  I have never tried that yet, but if I can find a guy out here who wants to experiment with rope bondage I may have to add a black leotard and some blue tights to my Spandex wardrobe.  I wonder what this would look like with my black biker boots and gloves?

Tied up in a leotard

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