Tied Up in Spandex

Tied up in Spandex

I have always loved this picture!  Even though it’s a simple spread eagle, you know the guy tied up in this Lycra suit isn’t going anywhere.  He’s perfectly vulnerable.  And if you wanted to rub your hands all over his Spandex covered body, there’s nothing he could do about it.  Can you imagine yourself in his position?  In fact…

The first time I was tied up by another guy, I was suited up and locked down exactly like this.  When we were getting to know each other, I showed him this image and told him this is exactly what I had in mind.  He told me he could arrange something similar, and recommended that when I arrived at his house I should be wearing one of my Spandex wetsuits.  When I got there, he had me remove my street clothes and quickly put a Spandex hood on my head (with a built in blindfold).  We moved to his bedroom, where he locked on leather bondage mitts, ankle restraints, and even a collar.  He attached cables to my wrists and ankles, and stretched me out into a snug spread eagle.  I spent the next hour or so enjoying a pretty intense erotic massage, tied to his bed in my Spandex suit.

After a while, he removed my hood so I could see my bondage predicament.  I was thrilled to see that I was tied up exactly like this image!  He left me there without the hood, and we talked for the next 30 minutes while he continued to massage me through my Spandex.  Intense!

Unfortunately, no images exist of this Spandex bondage adventure…

But here is a bigger version of the image above.  🙂

Tied up in Spandex