Tie Him Up!

Latex catsuit

These are the kinkiest non-bondage images I have seen for a while.  But even though these fetish images are superb as they are, I can’t help but feel there is something missing…  What could it be?  Oh, yes.  Bondage!  I can’t help but imagine how good this guy would look in his tight rubber catsuit, if he were tied up in two hundred of bondage rope.

Or better yet…  What if he had locking leather restraints attached to his wrists and ankles and a leather collar locked around his neck, and all of those restraints had chains stretching him out to the four corners of his bed in a tight spread eagle?  Can you imagine how vulnerable he would be stretched out like that?  You could play with him for hours through that tight rubber suit!

Man, that suit fits him well!

So, here is a call to action.  Go visit this guy’s site (Fox Zatt) and tell him that he needs to find a way to get himself tied up in this rubber suit, or we might have to do it for him!  I have no problem driving to his house to chain him down to his bed for a few hours.  🙂

Some of the rubber pictures you can find at his site…

Latex catsuit Latex catsuit Latex catsuit