Hoods & Chains & Mitts (Part II)

Chained to the bed

This is a continuation of my first bondage adventure where I was chained to the bed in a tight spread eagle and tormented by two bondage tops.  After tormenting me through my Spandex wetsuit for what seemed like forever, I could feel the guys removing the leather restraints keeping my legs chained to the foot of the bed.  I thought they were going to let me take a break, but it turned out that just wanted to satisfy their boot fetish.

So the guys had already played with me for a while, and had taken me to the edge many times but simply wouldn’t let me go over.  I was tied too well to do anything about it myself, so I just had to wait to see where this bondage adventure was going.  When they started to unchain my legs I thought they were going to let me relax for a while.  But the leather ankle restraints were quickly replaced by rubber boots,  and instead of chains, rope was used to stretch me out again.  They both worked on booting me up, and together they yanked on each rope before finally tying the knots keeping me in an extremely tight spread eagle on their bed.  There is nothing like being stretched out in a tight spread eagle by two strong guys who know a thing or two about erotic bondage torment!