Strapped to the Bench

Spandex Catsuit Bondage

Here’s a perfect example of how to do an effective but simple bondage scene.  Dress the guy in a super tight Spandex bodysuit, wrestle him down onto a bench, and use leather bondage straps to tether him at the ankles, knees, waist, chest, and wrists.

I would love to see a video of this guy struggling, tied up like he is.  Having been strapped down like this a number of times, I know how vulnerable this guy is.  He might be able to move around a little bit, but not nearly enough to evade any torment his captors have planned.

I can imagine a vibrator being used on his crotch, while one or two tops gently massage his nipples.  Not that this is one of my favorite erotic torments to endure when I’m tied up, by the way…

The thing about being strapped down to a board like this, is that there is very little forgiveness in the restraints.  You can’t arch your back or flex your muscles much to get comfortable.  Once strapped down like this, you are stuck in that position until your bondage riggers decide to let you loose.  Being tied down to something rigid like this can be as intense as it gets.

Spandex bondage