Spiderman Captured and Cuffed

Spiderman Bondage

Another great picture of Spiderman in bondage!  I just wish I knew why he’s chained down into a hogtie, in a room full of guys watching him struggle in his tight Spandex suit.  You just know they are going to play with him for a while before they are done with him.  I wonder what they are going to do with all those kinky pictures they are taking of Spiderman in this erotic position?

If you have ever found yourself tied up in a skin tight catsuit in a room full of guys, you know how intense this position can be.  Imagine all of those guys turning their full attention on you, rubbing their hands all over your tight suit.  Having experienced that a few times, that might be why I find this image so hot!

If anyone has any idea what is going on here, please let me know!  I need to know.  🙂

Superhero Bondage