Roped in Latex

Latex Bondage

Every time you allow someone to tie you up, there is always that single moment when you realize the bondage scene is going to work or not.  You are either going to be inescapably tied up by a rigger who knows what they are doing, or you are going to have a miserable time because you are in pain or, worse yet, you have to fake being tied up.

Looking at these bondage images, I think it is safe to assume that the guy tied up in this amazing latex catsuit is enjoying himself at the hands of an experienced bondage rigger who knows how to tie up a guy!

I’ve been strapped down with leather straps to bondage beds before, but never roped down like this.  I love how his upper thighs, crotch, and nipples are exposed through the web of ropes holding him down.  I have a thing for bondage massages, and can only imagine how intense an erotic massage would feel over those exposed areas while tied up like this!  I think I have a new fantasy I need to live out.

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