Hotel Hogtie Challenge: Part I

Hotel Bondage Challenge

This was an escape challenge scene I did a while back with a gentlemen who was in town for a few days because of his job, and hit me up for some bondage in his hotel room.  After meeting in the hotel bar, we took some time to get to know each other.  We hit it off straight away, and in no time I was in his room suited up in a tight Lycra catsuit and hogtied on his massive king-sized bed.

After he had me tied up, he then brought up the idea of an escape challenge.  If I couldn’t escape this hogtie, I had to let him tie me to his bed in a tight spread eagle while he finished up his work for the evening.

Of course, I took him up on the challenge!  About 15 minutes into my bondage escape attempt, he received a business call that he had to take.  I continued to struggle on the bed, as he talked to his co-worker on the phone only a few feet away.  I found it humorous how distracted he became a few times during his call.  I’ll let you know who won the bet in a future post…