Preparing to Get Tied Up

Latex Bondage

I’ve posted before that I love the process of getting tied, almost as much as I love being in bondage itself.  Pouring yourself into a skin tight bodysuit as the other guys are sorting out the bondage gear they plan to use on you is quite the mind bend.  Everyone should try it at least once.

In these images, I struggled to get into this one-piece rubber suit for nearly 30 minutes.  It was probably at least one size too small for me, but that only made it more of an accomplishment when the guys were able to pull the zipper in place.  Rubber catsuits can be a bugger to get on, as some of you might know.  The interesting thing about this suit was that the boots were actually part of the catsuit; something a few of you guys might like.  Right?  🙂

After I got suited up, the guys helped me squeeze my head into this rather interesting rubber hood.  It was made out of a thick, rubbery, spongy type of material.  It was so thick, I could hear absolutely nothing once it was locked on.  It also had no eye holes, so there was absolutely no way I could see what was going on around me.  There were adequate breathing holes in the hood, but they restricted air flow just enough so that if I exerted myself at all I would be struggling for enough air to fill my lungs.  Clever bastards who invented this thing, they were!

So I was completely covered from head to toe, and locked into one of the tightest and thickest rubber suits I have ever been in.  What was next?  Well, of course it was time for the latex polish to be applied.  I had to be nice and shiny before being stretched out, tied down, locked up, or what ever else they had in mind.  Right?  The three guys, who now controlled me completely, spent the next several minutes applying copious amounts of polish to my rubber covered body.  I thought they spent way too much time applying polish to certain areas of the suit, but who was I to argue?  🙂

Now that I was properly suited up and shined to a high gloss, the bondage games could begin…

Latex Bondage Latex Bondage