Vacuum Bed

Vacuum Bed Bondage

Vac’d and Racked.  Oh my!  Bondage always looks better when the victim is poured into skin tight latex.  And being sealed inside a vacuum bed is about as skin tight as you can get.  I can only imagine how it would feel to rub my hands all over this guy, tied as he is.  But I’d be sure to tie that rope just a bit tighter!

I’ve been tied up in just every type of bondage device imaginable, but I’ve yet to experience bondage in a vacuum bed yet.  Why is that?  There has got to be someone out there who wouldn’t mind sealing me between two sheets of latex, and tormenting me while I struggle to escape.  How about a bondage escape challenge, where if I don’t escape from the vac bed you can tie me to your real bed in a spread eagle for an extended bondage session?  We can negotiate whether or not I’d be wearing one of my skin tight bodysuits, when you tie me down and stretch me out.  🙂

Vacuum Bed Bondage Vacuum Bed Bondage