First Straitjacket Scene

This was my first straitjacket bondage experience!  My friend had always talked about doing a bondage scene with me in a tight straitjacket, but we never seemed to get around to it.  Then one Saturday morning he called asking what I was doing that night.  With nothing planned, I got dressed in my tightest Spandex wetsuit, threw on an Old Navy hoody, and ran out the door for an unscheduled bondage adventure.

I love being dressed in my bodysuits when I show up at a guy’s house, as it helps to get everyone in the right mood right away.  This time was no different.  When I arrived at my friend’s house a short time later, we decided to visit for a while before getting started.  It was a beautiful day out side, so we sat on his patio as we chatted.  His patio was very private, so I had no problem removing my sweatshirt and sitting outside in just my Spandex suit.  After a pleasant conversation, we were ready for the bondage activities to begin.  When I got to his spare bedroom, I was very surprised to see his new straitjacket laying on his bed.  Even though we had talked about straitjackets for a long time, I was actually a little nervous when he started strapping me in tight.  Very tight!

By the time he was done, I was wrapped up so snug in this straitjacket that I could barely move.  It fit me like a glove, and felt almost like he had ordered it to fit my exact measurements.  Good bondage buddies are so hard to find!  A few lengths of rope later, and I was hopelessly stuck in my very first straitjacket bondage scene.

For the next few hours, he tied me up in several different positions.  But never once removed me from the jacket.  My favorite was when he untied me from a bed tie, and used leather straps to bind me to a chair on his patio for a while.  I spent the next 45 minutes strapped into a straitjacket and bound to a chair, wearing my Spandex wetsuit in the hot afternoon sun.  If it weren’t for my friend plying me with iced tea, I probably would have become dehydrated because of how much I was sweating.  Unfortunately, we had to cut the outdoor bondage scene short as we could hear some kids playing in the woods behind his house.  So we moved our bondage games inside for the next few hours, until the sun went down…

Spandex Straitjacket Bondage