The Game Begins

Latex Bondage

When I begin a bondage scene, I love not knowing how I’m going to be tied up or what my bondage hosts have planned for me!  When this scene started I was already well prepared for it, and was completely covered in latex from head to toe in tight latex.  After my latex preparations were complete, my captors began leading me to my fate.

I couldn’t see where they were taking me, and was somewhat surprised when they backed me up against a partially studded wall in the basement.  In a surprisingly short amount of time, the three guys controlling my every move had me stretched out and tied up in an unforgiving vertical spread eagle.  They took turns between rubbing me down with even more latex polish, and adding even more rope to my already inescapable bondage.  By the time they were done adding rope, I literally couldn’t move anything except for my useless hands.  I was in heaven!

Not skipping a beat, my three captors brought out their tools of torment and went to work on tormenting just about every part of my helpless body.  For the next 45 minutes, there wasn’t a single moment where I didn’t have at least two vibrators chewing away at me.

Near the end of my endurance, they utilized the zippered crotch built into the catsuit and forced me into an explosive series of climaxes.  When they were done, I literally hung almost lifeless in my restraints and they had to help me stand as they released me from my bondage.  It was a very punishing, yet rewarding bondage experience.  That’s for sure!