Bondage Weekend: Part 1 – Stocks and Bonds

Bondage Stocks

A while ago, I met this guy online who was really into inescapable bondage involving chains, leather, and locks.  He invited me down to his house for a weekend of bondage escape challenges, where I essentially would be in one form of bondage or another for almost two straight days.  His gear was well suited for long-term bondage, and I really wanted to try my escape skills against chains.  Of course, I said yes…

I knew there was probably no way of escaping any of his gear, but he was a nice enough guy and it seemed like a perfectly relaxing way to kill a few days.  After arriving on Friday evening, I changed into my black PVC catsuit and let him chain me down to his bed in a comfortable spread eagle.  He attached leather cuffs to my ankles and wrists, and chained each tightly to the corners of a king sized bed.  He then locked a six inch wide leather bondage belt around my stomach, which he also chained to the bed frame.

  Before engaging in this bondage scene, we made a little wager on whether or not I could escape.  If I couldn’t get free in one hour, he was going to keep me tied to the bed all night.  I obviously lost the wager (I was chained to the bed, for crying out loud), and ultimately suffered through a full night of random bondage torment while chained to his bed.  In between bursts of struggling and sleeping, I had to endure the occasional night time visits by my equally restless captor.  Apparently he thought full frontal body massages through my tight catsuit was a good way to help me sleep.  Boy, was he wrong…

There is nothing like waking up in bondage, to the feel of a guy using a powerful vibrator on your morning erection.  After taking advantage of me in my helpless state for a few more hours that next morning, he eventually unchained me from the bed (but kept my blindfold on).  I was led to a restroom, where my captor helped peel my bodysuit down far enough so I could relieve myself.  He then led me back to the bedroom , where I spent the night before chained to his bed, and had me sit down on the floor in the middle of the room.  A few short moments later I could feel him place something around my ankles.  Not sure where this was going, I willingly sat forward when he pulled my hands down towards my feet.  It only took a few seconds for him to close the stocks and lock them together with a small padlock.  I don’t think I have ever been made so helpless, so fast!

I try to keep myself in pretty good shape, including daily stretching to keep myself flexible.  But I’m 6’4”, and being bound in such a restrictive position quickly became rather uncomfortable.  I also remember getting really frustrated that such a simple home-made bondage device could be so damn effective.  I couldn’t move, and simply flopped like a fish when I tipped over onto my side.  The guy who locked me up now had unobstructed access to my exposed butt, and spent the better part of an hour playing with my back end.  I had never had someone place me in bondage and play with my butt before, but found it intensely erotic and sensitive.  He even broke out a vibrator to slip between my legs, as he tormented my back side.  I couldn’t cum in the position I was bound in, but I really, really wanted to!

When he finally released me, I was so exhausted that I didn’t resist when he locked leather cuffs on my wrists and biceps and linked them together with more padlocks.  He helped me stand up and we moved to the living room.  He then helped me sit down on a massive leather couch, and gave me sips of wine to help wind down.  Again, I was completely helpless to resist when he put down the glasses of wine and began to play with my groin to get me hard once more.  Once I was sufficiently turned on, he helped me stand up and led me to a locked room in the corner of his basement.

To be continued…

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Bondage Stocks