Damn you, Stan Lee

Spiderman in bondage

So I’ve got this superhero in bondage kink that just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  The first bondage picture I remember was in a Spiderman comic book I bought when I was a kid.  Spiderman was strapped down to a table in the villain’s laboratory.  He was stretched out in such a tight spread eagle, that you could see the stress on his lean muscles through his Spandex as he struggled against his bondage.  Damn you Stan Lee.  Damn you!

And then the internet came along, with all of its fancy user generated content and unlimited kinky resources.  Now on a daily basis, I encounter all sorts of images and videos of guys tied up in their tight Spandex superhero costumes and tormented by their sinister bondage buddies.  Do you know how distracting that is, when I’m at work?  Damn you Al Gore.  Damn you!

I do crack myself up sometimes… 🙂

Superhero bondage Spiderman in bondage