A Little Tied Up Right Now

Tied up

Here’s another one of those times where I needed a little help getting comfortable.  This was towards the end of a full day of stringent bondage, and I was completely exhausted.  I really wanted to go to bed, but the guys wanted to do one more bondage scene with me before we called it a day.  They had a cool idea for an outdoor bondage scene, but I simply did not have enough energy for it that night.  So we compromised, and came up with a pretty cool bondage escape challenge that made everyone happy.

The rules of the escape challenge we all agreed to were simple enough.  They wanted me to wear my black PVC catsuit, a black Spandex hood, a leather collar, and leather restraints locked on my wrists and ankles.  They also wanted me to take some of my sleep medication, which would give me a relatively short amount of time to escape.  Since my medication takes anywhere between 10 – 60 minutes to kick in, I really didn’t know how long I had to escape.  They could only use rope to tie me to the bed, and could not attach anything to the leather restraints locked on my wrists and ankles.  They had only ten minutes to tie me up, and I had as long as I could stay awake to try to escape.

There were escalating consequences for me if I did not escape.  If I didn’t get loose from being roped to the bed before falling asleep, the guys were going to tie me to the bed again when I was unconscious.  They could use anything they wanted (i.e.. chain, rope, straps) to tie me to the bed, but no matter what they used they could only attach it to the leather restraints already locked on me.  Locks were not permitted!  If I was still restrained to the bed at 7:00am the next morning, I had to submit to their original plan and let them tie me up outside for an extended bondage session of at least four hours.  They wouldn’t tell me how I was going to be tied up outside, but we did negotiate that I was going to be allowed to wear my light weight neoprene wetsuit.

After the deal was made, I got dressed in my catsuit and went upstairs to meet my fate.  I was so tired at that point, that all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  So we jumped right into the bondage challenge.  I took my sleeping pill, put on the Spandex hood (with earphones on underneath, so I could listen to some music), and sat still on the edge of the bed as my riggers locked the leather on me.  They helped position me in the middle of the bed, and I held my arms and legs out towards the corners of the bed frame as the guys tied me into a fairly tight spread eagle.  They then spent the next ten minutes tying a chaotic rope harness on me, which they anchored to a few different points on the bed frame.  It didn’t look that pretty, but it was definitely effective.

They guys played with me for a while as I tried to escape, which always turns me on.  I was actually making progress on the rope tying me to the bed, when my sleep medicine started kicking in.  It was kinky as hell knowing that if I could stay awake for another ten minutes, I was going to win this escape challenge.  And even as the medicine was turning my arms and legs into Jell-O, I still thought I had a fighting chance.  But, as it always does, the medicine won.  Before I finally passed out, both of my arms were free and most of the rope harnessed around my torso was laying on the floor.  I was so close I could taste it, but time ran out.  The last thing I remember, I was working on the rope tied around my right ankle.  Then nothing…

When I woke up the next morning, I found myself in one hell of a kinky bondage position.

Part 2 coming soon…