You Can Tie Me Up Now

Catsuit bondage

My friend wanted to do a simple bondage scene, with me tied to the bed in my skin tight PVC catsuit.  So as you might already expect, I jumped at the opportunity and raced to the bathroom to change.  When I got to the bedroom, the gag, blindfold, and four ropes were already laying on the bed.

I helped him lock the gag and blindfold on me, and he then helped me lay down in the center of the bed.

After he had me positioned exactly where he wanted on the bed, I stretched my arms and legs out to the four corners and waited for the bondage game to begin.  He quickly tied my wrists to the headboard, pulled me down the bed until my arms were stretched tight, and then finished my bondage by tying my ankles to the footboard.  I was now tied in a very simple, but effective spreadeagle on my friend’s bed.

I tested my bondage for a few minutes, but I wasn’t going anywhere.  Just the way I like my bondage!

For close to an hour, my friend used only his finger tips to torture every inch of my body.  We have been playing bondage games for years, and he knows exactly what to do to me when I’m tied up.  Skin tight catsuits have a very intense effect on me.  It heightens my sense of touch.  And after an hour of this torture, I was practically begging for an orgasm.  But my friend had other plans

Catsuit bondage