Mrs. KC of England

Mrs. KC of England

Back when I was publishing my bondage artwork on various websites and magazines, I got to know a lot of kinky boys and girls who were into the scene.  One of those people was a gal who went by the name Mrs. KC of England.

She was really into rubber and leather bondage, and had a partner who was very willing, and very capable of keeping her bondage appetite satisfied.

In one of our conversations, she asked if I could do some bondage artwork for her.  She gave me a rough idea for a fantasy she always wanted to play out, but never had the opportunity (perhaps it was because she was always tied up).

A few days later, I showed her what her fantasy looked like in my world.  She loved it!  🙂

As things go, I lost most of the images I created for her.  If I remember correctly, I had over 60 renders I created for her.  Besides these three images, I only have a few more that I know still exist.  They will be published in the near future.

Note: Some of these images are on the JG Leathers post I published a few days ago.  These are full resolution versions of those same images.

Posing in a red catsuit Latex catsuit bondage Bondage table torment