A New Agent Smith Video Coming Soon

Catsuit bondage video

I’ll be posting another new bondage video in the next few days!  I have about three hours of video to edit down to a length that makes sense to post.

This one has a similar set up as my first Agent Smith video, but this time the bondage is much more intense.

Because I was in a forced state of sleep for the first part of the video, there isn’t much going on.  That is, unless you like to watch a guy chained to a bed in an ultra tight PVC catsuit sleeping off the drugs used to sedate him.  🙂

The fun really begins at around the thirty minute mark, when I start waking up and realize I’ve been captured and chained to a bed.

I hope to have this posted in the next few days.  Here’s a sneak peak…

Chained to the bed in a tight catsuit