Agent Smith: Red Corner (preview)

Agent Smith in Bondage

Agent Smith endured nearly two weeks of continuous bondage torment before he was able to find a weakness in his restraints which allowed him to escape.

The information he was able to obtain before he busted out of the data center made him the target of every crime syndicate in the world.

The chain of events that followed were swift, and the corporation being investigated by the US Government was forced to cancel all of its satellite communication contracts with the Chinese government.

Those contracts were worth billions of dollars, and the Chinese government vowed revenge on Agent Smith.  They demanded that he be brought to Chinese soil to pay for his crimes, and put out a lucrative contract on his capture.  Agent Smith had made many enemies over the years, and there were literally dozens of crime syndicates hunting him down to cash in on the massive reward for his capture and transport to China.

Stay tuned for the full story!

*And yes, it will explain a few things about Agent’s Smith’s new blue suit.  Before you ask, he will be back in black again real soon. 🙂

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