More Mrs. KC of England

Mrs KC of England

Here are a few more renders I did based on the conversations I had with Mrs. KC all those years ago.

The storyline behind these images centered around a fateful day when Mrs. KC accidentally discovered that her best friend Alison was hiding a rather kinky secret from her.

When Mrs. KC finally built up enough courage to ask her friend about the bondage gear she found, Alison offered to show her what bondage was all about.  It was an offer too good to refuse!

After squeezing herself into a red skin tight latex catsuit and thigh high boots, Mrs. KC allowed Alison to strap her down to a bondage device hidden in a secret room in her basement.

I never really had the chance to develop the story beyond this point.  But based on the growing popularity of my first Mrs. KC of England post, it’s quite clear that she still has a lot of fans out there.  Maybe with Mr. KC’s permission, I might try my hand at another bondage adventure involving Mrs. KC of England…

Mrs KC in Bondage Mrs KC in Bondage Mrs KC in Bondage