Tied Up and Groped

Tied up and groped

Bondage is about giving up control.  And for me, there is nothing that gets me more aroused then when I dress up in one of my skin tight catsuits and have one of my bondage buddies tie me up as tight as they can.  The more control they take away, the hotter the bondage scene is!

And once I’m properly stretched out, tied up, or locked down, my bondage buddies have this nasty habit of groping me for a few minutes to test how truly vulnerable they have made me.

The guys who tie me up on a regular basis have gotten so good with their bondage skills, that I have virtually zero chance of escaping any more.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.  Our bondage scenes usually begin with a simple spread eagle, where my wrists and ankles are strapped to the four corners of a bed.  They usually let me simmer for a while in that simple, yet effective bondage position, while they rub their hands all over my Spandex or PVC covered boy.

After they get me close to my first orgasm, they switch gears before I have the chance to go over the edge.  They start applying more rope or leather restraints to the obvious anchor points at the knees, crotch, hips, and elbows.  It usually takes about 45 minutes into a bondage session before the real torture starts.  And by torture, I mean edge play.  I can usually tell by the amount of restraints they lock onto me, how long and intense the bondage session is going to be.

With age comes experience, right?  🙂