Let’s Play a Game

Superhero Bondage

After thoroughly beating his room mate in a marathon session of Guitar Hero, he thought nothing of it when his room mate offered to fix him a drink before they started playing again.  It wasn’t until he had almost finished his drink that the effects of the drug slipped into his cocktail started to hit him.  The last thing he remembered was his room mate returning from his bedroom with a pile of red and green Spandex and coils of rope.

And then he fell asleep…

Over the next few hours, he had no idea of the perverse game his room mate was playing with his Spandex clad body.  It wasn’t until the drug wore off and he woke up several hours later tied to his room mate’s bed in a skin tight Spandex costume, that he realized what was going on.  And no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t escape the leather restraints stretching him out in the vulnerable spread eagle his room mate tied him in.

As if this kinky bondage scenario wasn’t enough, things got more intense when his room mate finally returned carrying a powerful looking vibrator.  He was surprised to find himself getting so hard as his room mate tightened his restraints, stretching him out even further to the four corners of the bed.  Even as his room mate used a crotch rope to harness the vibrator tightly to his erection, he still wasn’t sure where this was going.  It wasn’t until the vibrator had been secured so there was chance it would move from its location firmly pressed on his erection, that he was told the final plan his room mate had for him.

And when his room mate switched the vibrator on high and left the bedroom for a night’s sleep in the basement, he thanked God he was gagged as the screams coming from his mouth welcoming his first orgasm probably would have alerted the neighbors to call the police.

Right before he passed out, he couldn’t help but think about the Modern Warfare 2 tournament they already had planned for tomorrow night…