At Least They Have a Plan

Spandex Rope Bondage

“Amber” just sent another blackmail demand. Apparently my blackmailers are going to ramp things up a bit.

“Dear Mr. Smith,

Yes. We have a plan. By the time this is finished, Agent Smith will face his greatest challenge. You will endure your demons as a screaming locomotive drowns out your cries for help. We have captured you before, and we will do it again.

Continue meeting our demands will only buy you time. But know your fate is sealed. You have 30 minutes to post this picture showing your silly fans what we did to the great Agent Smith when we last faced off. Failure to do so will only result in immediate retribution. You know what we are talking about!

Revenge will be ours!”

Well, there you go. I’m guessing they read my last post, and apparently they DO have a plan. I am very curious about what they mean with the train reference.

So mysteries, these blackmailers are. But they should know that Agent Smith doesn’t go down without a fight…

Spandex Bondage