Strapped to the Bed: My First Experience with E-Stim

Strapped to the Bed

Getting to know new bondage buddies is always fun and exciting. This true bondage scene was from the second time I played with a guy I had met on Recon. We had fun the first time tying each other up, so when he invited me back for a second bondage visit I jumped at the opportunity.

He told me that he had something pretty intense planned for me for my second visit. He kept me guessing right up to the moment I arrived and headed to the bathroom to change into my Spandex wetsuit. When I found the surprise he left for me in his bathroom, I knew this was definitely going to be a kinky bondage session!

Prior to this bondage adventure, I had never tried e-stim before. I was always interested in it, but just never had the opportunity. When I found the setup he had laid out in the bathroom, I got hard almost instantly thinking about what probably was planned for me that day.

There was a short note with directions on how to insert and apply the probes, including directions on how to properly lube everything up to make it easier to apply the probes internally and externally. Within no time, I was standing nude in his bathroom with probes strapped around my cock and balls, and wires hanging out of my rectum. Not sure if I’ve ever been harder than I was at that moment!

I carefully put on my tight Spandex bodysuit, making sure the leads from the probes were threaded down my left leg and fed out down by my ankle. I finished putting on the suit, and looked at myself in the mirror. Other then the fact that I was wearing a skin tight Spandex suit and was quite hard at the thought of things to come, you would never have known that I was wearing e-stim probes in and around my most sensitive regions. I could definitely feel them whenever I moved, but you would never have known…

Now that I was properly suited up and wired up, there was nothing left to do but to open the bathroom door and meet my fate.

I met my friend in his bedroom. He had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the wires trailing behind my left foot. He asked me if I was OK with things so far. I smiled and told him that I was, but that he had better get me tied up fast before I changed my mind. He was all for that, but told me that he wanted to make sure I didn’t know what was going to happen after he had me restrained. So I let him put earphones in my ears, and helped him adjust the volume so it was loud enough so I couldn’t hear anything without being too loud. Once we had the volume and playlist set, he surprised me a bit by pulling out a roll of duct tape and taped the ear buds in my ear.  Once that was done, he continued to rip off more tape and started taping my mouth shut. By the time he was done, my entire lower face was completely covered in silver. He let me get used to the gag a bit.  As I was looking at myself in a mirror hanging on his wall, I noticed that he had ripped off two more squares of tape from the roll. I knew what they were for, and just turned around so he could gently press each square over an eye. Already in a deeply submissive state of mine, I just stood there with my hands at my side and let him stretch a Spandex hood over my head too.

*Here’s a bit of information I don’t think I’ve shared with you before: I was born without the ability to smell. Not sure why, but I’ve never really cared. I am perfectly comfortable living my life not ever smelling some of the things you normal people complain about. 🙂

So now that I was very effectively blinded, gagged, hooded, and unable to hear, taste or smell, I was nearly in a complete state of sensory deprivation. The only remaining sense I had left was the sense of touch.  And let me tell you, my sense of touch was going through the roof! Even the slight breeze caused by my friend walking passed me was enough to cause my nipples to get hard. My friend noticed this, and without warning he used his fingertips to gently rub against each nipple.  I almost dropped to my knees when he did that…

Before things went too far, I was lead to the bed where my friend helped me lay down and then positioned me in the center with my arms and legs stretched out to the four corners. Leather wrist cuffs were locked onto each wrist and ankle, and then I was slowly stretched out into a tight spread eagle as each leather cuff was attached to its respective corner of the bed. After several adjustments were made, I found myself spread out in a very vulnerable bondage position on a bed in the home of someone I had only met once before. Sure, we got along right away. But still, it’s always a thrill when you realize you are covered in Spandex and helpless, and at the mercy of a virtual stranger.

However, I didn’t have much time to enjoy the headspace I was falling into. Before I knew it, more straps were being fastened to my elbows and knees. Unable to see what was going on, I could only guess what he was up to. I was right! Working on one strap at a time, I was further stretched out to the point where I couldn’t move a muscle. The straps around my elbows were ratcheted downwards and outwards, which removed any possible slack I had in my arms. Likewise, the straps around my knees were ratcheted upwards and outwards, making it impossible to move my legs at all. When he was done tightening the new straps, I literally couldn’t move anything buy my fingers and toes. I was still quite comfortable, but very helpless and very aroused.

With little fanfare, I felt straps being stretched over my chest and lower abdomen (across the hip bones). I could feel it when he started ratcheting these straps tighter and tighter. He was making them so tight, that with each click of the ratchet I could actually feel my body being pressed into the firm mattress. By the time he finally stopped, the straps were so tight the bed moved up and down when I breathed. The bed moved, not me! Think about that…

I laid there for a while waiting for more bondage to be applied, but after what must have been ten minutes with no sense of movement I came to the conclusion that he was finished restraining me. Of course, that meant I had to see how good I was tied up. I struggled as hard as I could to get loose, but I literally could not move anything but my fingers, toes, and my head. None of those extremities did me one bit of good, though. After probably twenty minutes of fighting against my bondage, I admitted defeat and decided to lay back and enjoy my predicament.

A strange thing happens when you are tied so completely to a bed in tight Spandex bodysuit, while being forced into nearly complete sensory deprivation. Time doesn’t exist. The only thing that does are the nerve endings on the surface of your skin rubbing against all that tight material. Whenever I flexed a single muscle, or took in a breath, I could feel myself getting more turned on. Even the wind from the ceiling fan overhead was beginning to drive me crazy, as it floated over my rock hard nipples and growing erection. I was a mess, and I’m sure my captor knew it.

And then it happened.

At first, it was a very slight sensation on my nipples. I thought it was my imagination, but then it became very clear that something very soft was definitely brushing up against them in a circular pattern. I had no idea what it was at the time (I later found out it was a feather), but after a few minutes of this torment I could have sworn I was going to go insane. My nipples have a very erotic connection to my groin, and this devious torture felt like someone was driving a freight train full of electricity and endorphins straight to the base of my erection. I didn’t know if it was pleasure or pain, but I desperately wanted to do something about it. Strapped down as I was though, I couldn’t even thrust my hips up and down to help relieve the sense of helplessness I was experiencing. That was probably the first time I ever whimpered in bondage…

After what felt like hours of this terrible nipple torture, it finally stopped. When it did, I was mad as hell and not sure why. I don’t know if I wanted it to continue or not, but I was definitely not expecting it to stop so suddenly. I fought against my bondage, but that only got me more tired and more turned on. This guy knew how to play!

It was at this point when I felt the first pulses of electricity shooting around the base of my penis, and inside my rectum. I had completely forgotten about the probes I was wearing, and completely froze when I sensed the first trickles of electricity. When I first put the probes on, I was a little scared that e-stim was going hurt more than anything else. Wow. Was I wrong! The feeling building within me as the power was slowly being increased was incredible. I’ve always heard that e-stim, if done right, would feel like a vibrator was pulsing from inside your body. That’s exactly what it felt like.

Over the next several minutes, my captor slowly increased the power until my entire lower body was beginning to lightly tremble each time the probes fired. I guess he was skilled enough at this to know when to stop increasing the voltage, because it never became painful. Instead, it was driving me so crazy that I thought if I didn’t orgasm right then and there I was going to pass out. But neither of those things happened. What did happen, instead, was the return of the nipple torment I just endured. But this time, rather than the light touch of a feather, my captor was rolling my nipples ever so lightly between his fingers. Never pinching; just rolling. Damn him!

This torment went on for another eternity. The e-stim was continuing its onslaught to my groin with the tirelessness of an kinky fembot, while the torture on my nipples removed any conscience thought I had ever had. All I wanted to do was to cum, but no matter how hard I tried I was never allowed to go over the edge.

All of the sudden, something I never expected in a million years happened. My captor pinched my nipples a bit harder than he had been, and pulled each one of them up slightly. A nipple clamp was then gently applied to each nipple at the same time. The clamps didn’t pinch enough to hurt, but I definitely knew they were there. And for the first and only time in my bondage career, I loved those damn things. My nipples were so charged with erotic energy, that the clamps had the effect of turning that energy around and driving it directly into my cock. I’ve never experienced something so intensely erotic before. And again, I was almost at the point of passing out.

Wait! What the hell?

How did my friend put a clamp on each nipple at exactly the same time? That’s impossible!

The realization that there had been two guys tormenting me all this time hit me with nearly the force of a bolt of lightening. Where the hell did he come from? And when the hell were these two guys going to make me orgasm? I wanted answers, but no matter how hard I struggled there were none.

The next few minutes remain a blur to me even to this day. All I remember is that the electricity being pumped into my groin was slowly turned off, and then my captors started rubbing their hands all over my Spandex covered body. I was stretched out so tight and was so tired from being tortured for the last few hours, that all I could do was lay there and let them do their thing. They eventually focused their massage on the area between my upper thighs and lower abdomen. Finally I could feel one of the guys get up from the bed. When he returned a few minutes later, I felt him press something firmly between my legs and up against my groin. I wasn’t paying attention to what it could be, until he turned it on.

I wasn’t expecting the powerful waves coming from the vibrator. I also wasn’t expecting one of my captors to carefully but quickly remove the clamps gripping my nipples. But that’s what happened. And they happened at exactly the same time! The orgasm that I experienced at that moment in time was so intense that I still believe I actually blacked out for a moment. It couldn’t have been for more than a moment though, because when I became aware of what was happening to me again one of my captors was still playing with my nipples while the other captor was holding the vibrator even tighter to my groin. Another orgasm exploded from my groin almost immediately. And although it wasn’t as intense as the first, it did do the trick and knocked me into unconsciousness.

When I became aware of my surroundings once again, I could feel my bonds being slowly released.  In a matter of minutes, I was completely free. But I didn’t have the energy to move. I think my friend and his partner in crime realized what I had just gone through, because they settled in for a slow deep tissue massage of all of my major muscle groups that lasted forever. Eventually I was energized enough to help them remove the hood and gag from my had. They also helped me take off my soiled suit, and ever-so-cautiously removed the e-stim probes from my body.

They recognized that I probably had to go to the bathroom. I did. After I relieved myself and cleaned myself up, I left the bathroom still very much naked. I found my friend and his partner sitting in the living room with beers in hand. There was one for me sitting on the end table next to a huge reclining chair. I took the cue, and sat down in the chair and enjoyed a couple swallows of Sam Adams (my favorite!).

When I put the beer back down on the table, my friends stood up. One was holding rope, while the other was holding a leather blindfold. I just smiled as my friend’s partner tied my hands together in front of me, while my friend put the blindfold snugly over my head. Together they pulled the length of rope leading from my wrists and tied it behind the chair so my arms were pulled back tightly over my head (there was a metal loop conveniently anchored to the upper back of the chair). They worked together to recline the chair, spread my legs apart, and then tied each ankle to its corresponding edge on the extended foot rest.

You would think that it would be weird sitting there naked, tied to a chair, and talking to guys I was still getting to know. But it wasn’t. We had a good conversation, and even enjoyed a few more beers together. Of course, my captors were very happy to help me out. You know, since they had me tied to the chair!

After probably an hour of this, we started talking about the scene we just completed in the bedroom. It was obvious to my friends that I was becoming very excited again. Because I was tied up and unable to see, I don’t know where they retrieved the bottle of lubrication from. I jumped when they started pouring the cold oil down my torso and along my thighs. But ever the gracious hosts, they helped warm the oil up real quick by massaging it all over my body. When they started rubbing it into my groin and along my cock and balls, I just turned my head to the side and tensed up my body for what was coming.

But the story doesn’t end there…

Here are a few pictures taken of me while I was tied to their bed. There was very dim lighting in the room when these pictures were taken, and this is the best I could do when editing them. Sorry for the poor quality, but the images aren’t the most important part of this true bondage adventure.  Right? 😉

Spandex Bondage Strapped to the Bed E-Stim Wetsuit Bondage