Power Exchange

Bondage Power Exchange

According to Wikipedia, the term power exchange refers to an activity in which the submissive gives to the dominant partner power and authority over the submissive’s body in exchange for the submissive’s happiness and health.

These pictures were taken during my first bondage photo shoot with Serious Male Bondage. I think this series of images captures a power exchange better than just about anything I’ve seen before.

Because the guys over at Serious Bondage are nothing but professionals, this was not an erotic power exchange. Well, at least not for Dalton. But I don’t think there is any doubt that my exchange of authority for his responsibility has left me more than happy. Especially since I can’t hide my visible excitement when I’m eventually stretched out and tied up in my skin tight PVC catsuit.

Actually, if you look at the last picture I think we’re both very happy.

Can’t wait for another visit to the Serious Bondage Institute!