Agent Smith: Red Corner (Part 1)

Agent Smith: Red Corner

When the Director of the Agency asks you to do a job, you do it! You don’t ask questions. You don’t involve others. You just do it.

It was supposed to be an easy job. Just sneak into the compound, take some pictures, and sneak back out without leaving a trace. He had done hundreds of similar jobs, and in the inner circle of the intelligence community he was considered the best at what he did.

In and out, that was the plan…

He had breached the compound under the cover of darkness, wearing his standard camouflage uniform. To satisfy just about any possible environment he might find himself, Agent Smith’s uniforms were little more than bodysuits made out of a variety of materials and colors. Each uniform was custom designed and hand tailored out of heavy Spandex, PVC, latex, or leather. Because of the stealth nature of his job, each uniform had to fit perfectly to reduce the chance of light reflecting off of an errant seam or an unnecessary crease. They also had to fit skin tight to make sure that nothing snagged on a branch or fence if he ever found himself in a foot chase with someone upset at him for obtaining evidence of wrong doing.

Besides his skin tight camouflage suit, the only other possession he took with him on this job was his trusty digital camera.  There was nothing special about this camera. In fact, it was an off-the-shelf Nikon D5000.  If he ever got into a situation where he had to make a fast getaway, the last thing he wanted to worry about was an expensive camera. The memory cards he used in his camera had WiFi capabilities, and constantly synced up with a wireless storage device located in a leather band he always had strapped around his right wrist. That way, if he ever had to abandon his camera in a hurry he would still have copies of the images he just took.

He infiltrated the compound effortlessly, and lay motionless in the brush for nearly two hours before anything happened. Unexpectedly, a faint light above the front door of the building he was watching turned on. A few moments later, the door opened and two men wearing long trench coats exited. They each lit up a cigarette, and although he couldn’t hear what they were saying he could tell they were clearly laughing at what they were talking about. He quietly shot several pictures of the two men as they talked, but wasn’t able to get clear shots of their faces. They always seemed to be looking away from the camera.

He saw the men throw their burned cigarettes to the ground and stomp on them with their feet. They then opened the door and walked back into the building they came from. He thought the excitement was over, but kept the camera trained on the door in hopes he could get a good shot of their faces if they stepped out again.

In a sudden burst of energy, every light in the compound came on at the exact same time. It was so intense that Agent Smith momentarily lost his site. In his years of experience, when something like this happened it wasn’t normally a good thing. He was nervous, but needed to remain calm until his vision returned so he could figure out what was going on. He covered his eyes with both hands, and patiently waited for his pupils to get used to the bright light.

Because of the drastic change, it took a couple of minutes for his eyes to properly adjust to the intense lights now flooding the compound. His location was about 100 yards from the closet buildings, so he was still in relative darkness. But the entire compound was lit up like it was daylight. The light was coming from light poles located at each corner of the area where the buildings were located. Each pole had a bank of eight lights pointing towards the center of the compound, very much like how football fields are lit up for night games.

The lights were so bright that he still couldn’t look directly at the the buildings without using a hand to shield his eyes. He grabbed the camera, and started scanning the compound while looking at the LCD screen on the back. He was able to modify the camera settings so the image being shown through the LCD was much easier to look at versus looking at the environment with his naked eyes. He used the camera to scan the buildings from left to right, trying to see anything that would let him understand what was going. After scanning for a few minutes, he saw nothing. No one was outside, and there was no movement visible in any of the windows. Other then the addition of the bright lights, it was as calm as it was for the previous couple of hours.

As he was scanning the buildings farthest from the center of the compound, he noticed some movement out of the corner of his right eye. He lowered the camera to see where it was coming from. The activity was coming from the same building where the men had come out of earlier. The intense light was washing out most of the details, so all he could decipher was that the same door the men had come out of earlier was now open and the two men were once again standing outside. They were standing about ten feet apart, and appeared to be holding something that looked like a large pipe. The men had shed their long coats, and were now wearing dark pants and long sleeve shirts. They were also wearing some sort of hats. Something looked odd about all of this, so he raised the camera again to see if he could get more details of what the men were up to.

It took a moment for the camera to focus on the two men. When it did, Smith still couldn’t see many details. The camera was having a difficult time focusing with so much light. He made a few changes to the camera’s settings and tried again. Once he had the men in frame, he zoomed in on them to the maximum capabilities of the camera. The camera fought the settings for a bit, but eventually brought the image into complete focus. When Agent Smith saw the crisp image on the LCD screen, he knew he was in major trouble!

The camera now showed the two men in perfect clarity. Each man was wearing a skin tight leather bodysuit that fit so there wasn’t a single wrinkle visible on the men’s perfectly toned bodies. The suits had integrated boots and gloves, and were padded at the knees, thighs, elbows and shoulders. Hoods were also integrated into the suits. There were holes for the eyes, small holes for each nostril, and mesh covering their mouths. He couldn’t determine any more details about the hoods, as each man was also wearing an advanced looking gas mask. Each gas mask had a glass faceplate that exposed the wearer’s entire face; at least it would have if each man wasn’t wearing a leather hood. There were small canisters located below the jaw line on each side of the man’s head that allowed clean air to come into the mask. The hoods were sealed and held on with several rubber straps wrapped around the back of each man’s head. The men were identical in every way.

Agent Smith was momentarily stunned by the appearance of these two men. In his line of work, he had learned to expect the unexpected. But he had never encountered a scene quite like this. The men just stood there, almost posing for Agent Smith in their kinky gear. He was starting to have some kinky thoughts looking at these two men, when he noticed something that brought him back to reality. Not only was Agent Smith looking at these two men, both men were looking straight at him!

He new the game was up when both men raised the items they were holding. He couldn’t believe he let himself get so distracted by the men and their kinky gear, that he failed to notice that the men were holding grenade launchers. He would chastise himself later for this lack of judgment. Right now, he needed to get the hell out of there. And fast!

The first two grenades were launched immediately after he stood up and started running towards the road, which was over a mile away. He was running through the wooded area as fast as he could, but knew he couldn’t outrun the flying projectiles. He expected the grenades to fall and explode next to him at any moment. But they didn’t. Instead, he could hear them land and explode several hundred feet ahead of him. Bad shots, he said as he smiled to himself still running full speed ahead.

He heard more grenades being launched, but they also exploded far out in front and to the side of him. And moments later he couldn’t believe his luck, when he had run far enough that the grenades being launched were now falling behind him. Even before he completed his escape, his mind was starting to focus on what information might be available from the pictures he had taken that were now securely transferred to the storage device strapped on his wrist.

A faint odor in the air brought Agent Smith back to reality. And with that reality, came the full realization that he was still in serious trouble!

The men firing the grenades had never intended to kill him; they intended to capture him. The grenades were filled with a powerful sedative, that vaporized and dispersed on impact. The pattern the gas grenades were fired in was basically a very large circle hundreds of yards in diameter, which meant that by now there was an impenetrable ring of sleeping gas slowly but surely expanding in all directions. And in the middle of that ring, Agent Smith was desperately trying to figure out what to do. Even as the ring of available clean air had shrunk to virtually nothing, and the gas was aggressively invading his lungs, Smith was confident he would find a way out of this perilous situation. He always found a way out…

His legs had turned to rubber, and he was having an incredibly difficult time staying vertical. He tried to run towards the center of the ring of gas, but then realized that he WAS at the center. Gas was everywhere, and he had no where to go. He could no longer stand. His body slowly twisted and he fell to his knees. Agent Smith was now facing the bright lights of the compound, and watched as the two men walking his way cast eerie shadows through the haze. Before succumbing to the vapor, the last thing he heard was one of the men say “We got him, sir”.

Consciousness did not come easy to Agent Smith. His mind traversed between states of dreams and semi-consciousness for an indeterminate amount of time. Hours… Days… Weeks… He had no real way of knowing.

He was aware that his captors were injecting him with a cocktail of drugs on a regular basis to keep him sedated. The drugs they were using on him were different than anything he had experienced before. Not only did they effectively render him unconscious in a very short amount of time after being injected; they also made his major muscle groups incapable of movement. Even in the moments of captivity where he would be awake, he simply could not move his arms and legs to try to escape.

Agent Smith in Bondage Not that being able to move his arms and legs would do him any good, though. Besides the powerful drugs used to control his consciousness and movement, Agent Smith was kept in perpetual bondage. Whenever he woke up, he would be tied up in a different position than he was when he went to sleep. Most of the time, he would wake up in some variation of a spread eagle tied to the same bed he had been tied to since his capture.

To enforce his sense of vulnerability, a mirror had been installed on the ceiling above the bed. So whenever he had enough strength to open his eyes, the only thing he ever saw was his own bound form staring back at him. His captors kept him in his camouflage bodysuit the entire time, and the reflection of his own Spandex covered body in a constant state of bondage was having a very dramatic effect on him. He was in an almost permanent state of arousal. His erection and hard nipples were constantly visible in the bondage scene being reflected from the mirror on the ceiling. And no matter how hard he wished it to happen, the guards controlling him never paid attention to his erotic predicament. It was all business to them. They would simply come into his room wearing their tight leather bodysuits, inject him with the sedative, and then leave without so much as saying a single word. He did wonder what happened to him once he was asleep, but he never did find out.

The cycle of injections, sleep, and bondage continued without interruption. His captors were methodical in their interaction with him. Other than the injections, everything that happened to him occurred when he was asleep. And whenever he woke up, he would be staring up at himself again tied up to the bed just as securely as he was when he went to sleep.

It came as quite the surprise to Agent Smith when out of the blue the door to his room opened and in walked both of his captors at the same time. During the entire time since he was captured, he had never seen more than one of his captors at the same time. He was a bit nervous that both of his captors were in his room now, but was in no position to do or say anything about it. Without saying a word, one of men walked up to Smith and injected him once again with the drug cocktail. But instead of leaving this time, they stood by the side of the bed and waited.

Smith wasn’t sure why both of his captors were in the room this time. But he soon would be asleep, and whatever was going to happen was going to occur no matter what. He reserved himself to that fact, and waited patiently for sleep to overtake him. But it never did.

One of his captors finally spoke, “Our boss is paying you a visit today. He wants you to be awake when he gets here in a few hours. The injection I just gave you is a more powerful form of the muscle prohibitter you have been receiving for the past few weeks. It’s safe, but the side effects are more intense than what you are used to.”

The other man turned and left the room, only to return a few moments later carrying a large canvas bag. He dumped the contents of the bag between Agent Smith’s bound legs, and said “He also wants you in all of this by the time he arrives.”

Smith laid there completely helpless, as both men started to untie him from the bed. The new higher dosed drugs were kicking in, and he could do nothing more than stare at the reflection of the pile of leather bondage gear and shiny blue PVC catsuit unceremoniously dumped between his legs.

Side effects? What did he mean by side effects?

To be continued…

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