I kind of like this picture!

It was taken on the second night of a bondage weekend I did in Cleveland a couple of years ago. After playing a full day of bondage games, my friend who was hosting me that weekend needed to leave for a few hours to attend a family gathering across town.

We agreed that the best thing to do with me was to have me dress in my brand new skin tight catsuit, and tie me to the bed in an equally tight spread eagle. The tighter he tied me, the more excited I became.

When I agreed to this long-term bondage session, I actually thought I would be able to escape from my restraints before my friend got back that night. It wasn’t until my friend had me suited and hooded that he surprised me and brought out some chains he had hidden somewhere. I had played with this friend dozens of times, and never once had he used chains on me before. Before I really had time to think about this sudden turn of events, he was already locking my leather wrist restraints to the chains he had just looped around the top corners of the bed. He then pulled each leg to it’s respective corner at the foot of the bed, and proceeded to lock each leather ankle restraint to the chains fastened down there.

My suit was tight! My bondage was tight! This was tight!

After rubbing me up and down from head to toe and getting me excited beyond belief, my friend whispered into my ear what he was going to do to me if I was still chained down when he got back home. I wasn’t sure if I could handle what he had in mind, so I spent the next four hours struggling against the restraints that held me in bondage. The harder I fought, the more turned on I got.

When my friend returned, he found me exactly as he had left me: bound and extremely hard. When the vibrator was pressed against my suit and over my erection, I knew he had every intention of carrying through with his threat. It was going to be a long and intense night.

Yeah, I kind of like this picture…

Tied to the bed in a skin tight catsuit