Tie Her Up: Lara Croft

Lara Croft: Bondage Model

I’ve always had a thing for Lara Croft. Not the Lara Croft who wears that green tank top and brown shorts. No. Not that one. She looks like a mess most of the time.

The Lara Croft I like is the one who wears skin tight latex catsuits, or equally tight wetsuits. You know… The one who looks like a fetish superheroine bondage model, always trying to get into just enough trouble so the bad guy has to tie her up.

And you just know she gets into all that trouble on purpose! This whole grave robbing, archeologist thing is just a ruse to cover up the fact that none of her friends are into bondage and won’t tie her up at their slumber parties.

I know that if I were her friend and she asked me to tie her up in one of her latex catsuits, I would certainly indulge her request. The first thing I would do would be to stretch her out and chain her down to her bondage bed in a very tight spread eagle. I would lock steel restraints at her ankles, thighs, hips, elbows, and wrists. The chains attached to her steel restraints would be welded to anchor points at the edges of the bondage bed, and the only way the restraints would open would require an electronic key that is hidden well out of sight. Before chaining her down, I would have locked a tight leather discipline helmet on her head that had two small holes at the nose so she could breath. The holes would allow enough air in, but not if she struggled too hard. No. That would be a mistake.

To finish off her bondage, I would take one last chain and lock it to the metal loop at the top of her helmet. Of course, that chain would be tight enough so she couldn’t lift her head off of the bed she was not bound to.

Now that my friend Lara would be properly tied down, as she requested, I would let her simmer for a while. I’d watch her struggle in her bondage for an hour or so, until she realized she couldn’t escape. I would then use my hands to give her a proper body massage through all that latex, spending special attention to the buds poking through her second skin. After a few hours of this erotic torment, that’s when I would break out the power tools.

Yeah, that’s the Lara Croft I always had a thing for.

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