Why So Much Rope?

A friend of mine once told me that there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who love leather bondage, and those who love rope bondage.

I’m more of a leather bondage kind-of-guy. I love the feel and sound of leather when it’s wrapped around me and I’m fighting against it to escape. It’s kind of erotic knowing that someone, somewhere spent time creating the leather restraints I frequently find myself in.

But there is room for compromise. And this picture of me in my wetsuit, strapped up and tied down to my friend’s bondage bed proves it!

I think the combination of leather straps and rope works perfectly in this picture. Yeah, I might be biased since it’s obvious that I’m enjoying myself here. But I just love how the rope is used with leather to keep me bound and unable to move. This was a very comfortable, but completely inescapable bondage scene.

This was a pretty good compromise, don’t you think? I mean, I get my leather bondage fix and he gets his rope bondage fix. But I wonder what he had planned with all of that rope laying on the bed. You don’t think he wanted to use all of that on me, do you? 🙂


This picture was taken during a weekend with my friend BNDGMASTER. We are getting together again soon for another two-day bondage visit.  I know he loves rope bondage, so I think I should stop being selfish and let him go completely nuts with all of his rope on me.

So BNDGMASTER, how about a little rope bondage challenge? I dare you to use all of your rope on me at once. If I cannot escape from all of your rope in two hours, I will let you tie me up nude to your bed and do whatever you want to me for however long you want. I vividly remember how intense and good you are at edge play and milking, but since I’m getting pretty good at escaping from your rope bondage I’m fairly confident who will win.

The gauntlet has been thrown…

Wetsuit Bondage Challenge

*I’m probably going to regret this, aren’t I? 🙂