Helpless in a Wetsuit

Here are a few more pictures from my little wetsuit bondage adventure I told you about recently. The scene started with me tied up with rope at the wrists and ankles, and then stretched out very tightly across his bondage rack.

I still remember how strangely vulnerable I felt stretched out and tied up like this in my wetsuit. No matter how hard I struggled, I simply could not prevent what my friend was doing to my nipples and growing erection.

He played with me like this for probably 30 minutes, before he made a comment about how much I was still able to struggle. So he brought out the straps, and slowly took away all of the wriggle room I had left. By the time he was done, I could barely move a muscle. He was then free to explore my helpless wetsuited body at his leisure. And he did for the next few hours…

Note to self: When someone is tying me up so tight I can’t move, I should learn to question his intentions before it’s too late.

Wetsuit Bondage Tight Wetsuit Rope Bondage Tied up in a Spandex Wetsuit

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