Some Leather Fetish to Mix Things Up

Leather Bondage Fetish

Here’s a slight change of pace for everyone.  Instead of showing you the same old pictures of guys tied up, stretched out, and locked down in their tight catsuits or wetsuits, I thought I would share a short bondage video with you guys that doesn’t show a catsuit at all.

OK.  So I don’t actually know if this guy is wearing a catsuit under all that leather.  But I DO know this video is hotter then hell!  I’ve never been bound up quite like this, but I really want to give it a try now.

I do love the sexy moans and groans coming from this guy, as he struggles.  I’m not usually not as vocal, but I had no idea that a little grunting can add to a bondage escape attempt like this.  I’ll have to keep that in mind during my next visit to the Serious Bondage Institute!

Hope you enjoy this short clip as much as I do.